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Investing In An Energy Efficient Retrofit Of Your Home

2017-03-12T03:31:24+00:00By |Categories: Energy Efficiency|

Residential and commercial buildings consume over 40 percent of the overall energy usage in the United States. These buildings represent a big opportunity to reduce our nation’s overall energy usage as well as it dependence on foreign sources of energy. The good news is that often times these buildings can have an energy retrofit on their home [...]

Top 5 Questions About Ductless Air Conditioners – Answered!

2017-05-19T17:39:23+00:00By |Categories: Ductless AC, Ductless Mini|

So, you’re looking to cool a room (or two...or three) in your Rhode Island home, but you don’t want to mess with installing extra ductwork to cool them. Or maybe your home does not have ductwork at all. You've heard of ductless mini-split air conditioners. They sound interesting, but you have lots of questions. You’re not alone. Many [...]

Energy Costs and Your Home

2017-05-19T17:40:15+00:00By |Categories: Energy Efficiency|

Learning how to save energy can help you save money, and in the long run increase the total efficiency of your home as a whole. With energy saving techniques, you can not only save money on your utility bills, but also help the environment. The process of this is simple and energy efficiency is one of [...]

What is Energy Efficiency?

2017-05-19T17:40:24+00:00By |Categories: Energy Efficiency|

Energy costs keep rising, but homeowners still need the same things that take energy — washing machines, electric lights, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. There are two ways to handle this problem: energy conservation and energy efficiency. Conservation and efficiency: What’s the difference? With energy conservation, your sweltering hot in the summer and put [...]

How Ductless AC Works

2017-05-19T17:42:10+00:00By |Categories: Ductless Mini|

MAXIMIZE YOUR COMFORT There are many ways to configure this modern and versatile system for all your comfort needs. Highly efficient and effective, a ductless system is the ideal primary heating and cooling solution for your home or business in Rhode Island. FIX THAT PROBLEM ROOM OR ADDITION THAT [...]

Why Is Attic Insulation So Important?

2017-05-19T17:45:02+00:00By |Categories: Attic Insulation, Insulation|

Homeowners should already be well aware of the fact that heat within a home flows from the warmer areas to the cooler ones. If an attic is not properly insulated, this means warm air is able to seep in from the outdoors and disrupt your cool interior on hot summer days. It also means that [...]

The Difference Between Fiberglass And Spray Foam Insulation

2017-05-19T17:45:42+00:00By |Categories: Uncategorized|

When choosing insulation for your home there are a couple of different choices for your home. There are certain advantages to choosing the right insulation for your house. The two most popular options are fiberglass and spray foam insulation. When making a choice in insulating your home consider the following options. Fiberglass is still the [...]

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