We guarantee energy savings!

Heating costs can take a big bite out of your home finances and savings. MASS Retrofit is the area’s energy efficiency specialist, offering a full range of services for residential home owners including insulation, ductless heat pumps, ductless ac and dehumidification systems to name a few. ductless ac ductless heat pump ct ri

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

You no longer need an efficient heating system in your home to get the comfort you desire. Mini-split heat pumps are a solution that more Massachusetts, MA area home owners are installing every year. The numerous benefits of a mini-split system include energy savings, a quieter home and easy maintenance. They are also ductless and compact. Call us today to schedule an installation!

Heating System Service, Maintenance and Emergency Repair

In addition to offering new heating system installation, Mass Retrofit is among New York’s leading providers of emergency repair and maintenance services. Give us a call directly to discuss how we can help you get your heating system functioning like new.

Mass Retrofit is:

  • Your high performance home and building team
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Always efficient with your investment in our services
  • Always focused on home and building comfort
Fujitsu Ductless Brochure Click Here
Fujitsu Ductless Brochure Click Here

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split heating units have been getting rapidly installed in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. These efficient, ductless systems offer comparable heating power to any large oil burner but are more manageable from season to season. Mini-splits are easy to maintain, which is an important consideration.

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