Keep the Energy In & The Allergens Out

About Air Sealing

Air Sealing the  envelope,its outer walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and floors is the most cost-effective way to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

After inspecting your home, Mass Retrofit uses closed-cell spray foam, foam board, and loose cellulose insulation to seals cracks, holes and insulate walls and attics that are draining your heating and cooling system.

Comfort & Savings

Sealing requires sealing all of the air leakage that is causing unwanted drafts, moisture growth, and lowers your home’s indoor air quality by allowing dust and airborne pollutants to enter your living space that cause and enhance health problems like asthma. Air sealing can  make your home more comfortable and healthier. Proper sealing and moisture control will:

  • allow your home to function properly
  • reduce potential for mold
  • increase indoor air quality
  • provide consistent temperatures
  • reduce energy usage and save you money

Air Sealing Your Home

Mass Retrofit air-sealing energy specialists utilize the results of the thermal imaging from your comprehensive energy assessment to eliminate the drafts that affect your home the most.

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